How to apply for a turkey study visa from Dubai?

Step 1

Study visa in Turkey (Overview)

Turkey is popular for its beautiful historical places as well as its highly advanced mode of education. The applicants from the dominion of Dubai or UAE can apply to any Turkish university in their desired course. But at first, applicants should know their visa type if, either they are applying for a tourist or student visa. The most important thing that must be mentioned is the purpose of the applicant’s visit.
Those applicants who are applying from Abu Dhabi at the Turkey visa application center must apply at least 45 days before applying to any university in Turkey. While those applicants who are applying from Dubai at the Turkish visa application center must apply at least 60 days before applying to Turkish universities in their desired program or course.

Step 2

How to apply:

WSL consultants are always here to help you and assist you through the entire process of visa application. But we are not bound to help you choose a visa category. As the complete visa procedure is the authority of the Turkish visa embassy, so we have no say when you will be granted a Turkish visa or how long the entire process will be.

Reserve an appointment

The next mandatory and most important step is the reservation of the applicant’s appointment for the application. The applicant must complete their visa application form and attach the required photographs along with it. Point to be noted, this application form must be filled only via the internet. If any family member of the applicant is traveling with him/her then it is requested to the applicant click on the option “add person” to add the family member as a reference in the application.

Proof of funding

The applicant must provide proof of funding for the entire tour. Whether s/he is self-supporting for this tour or someone else is funding.
Documents required for the visa application.

The applicant must provide data related to the academic and supporting documents as required by the application. Your application must be filled completely because incomplete applications are not accepted by the Consulate. The photographs must be as per requirement. After completing the application please submit it over WSL Consultancy Center with the applicable dues that may be in cash or credit card. Applicants can track their applications online after submission.

Language proficiency test

English Language Proficiency Test is required. The applicant must be skilled in English as should add the test score in the application such as TOEFL, IELTS, C1 or C2.

Step 3

After submission

After submitting application form and application fees to WSL consultants, the applicants can collect their passport from our center. For more information, you can contact us by visiting our Contact Us page.
Visa process duration. The complete visa process duration takes approximately two working days.

Single entry visa

The validity or eligibility of a single entry visa is approximately 3 months or 90 days and the duration varies and depends upon the purpose of entry. If it is a student visa, then the duration period depends upon the complete academic session or the type of study course.
Does any insurance is required to get a Turkey study visa?
No insurance is required to get a Turkey study visa. The applicants residing in Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, and Ajman can apply directly to the Consulate General of Turkey in Dubai for a Turkish study visa.

Preparation courses

It is suggested to the applicant or student to take or attend the preparation courses one complete year before the start of the academic session such as pre-Medicine, pre-MBA or pre-Law.

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